Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sofia and the Heartmenders

by Marie Olofsdotter

Thumbs Down

This book first appealed to me because of the artwork. It's done in Mexican folkart style with bright colors and stylized perspective.

But the appeal ended soon after I began reading the story. Sofia is scared of the dark. There are "shadow monsters" in the corners of her bedroom. When the parents insist upon turning the light off, they become uncaring idiots.

The next day, Sofia, with her heart already half broken by her parents cruelty, cannot eat her breakfast. She goes to school and in art class instead of drawing the assigned subject matter, Sofia draws the shadow monsters a bit on each of many pieces of paper. The teacher is also a heartless idiot for not realizing and praising her artistic expression.

Sofia runs away and finds this somewhat voodoo-ish heartmender with the help of a wolfish looking dog. Finally someone who understands. Sophia using wisdom given her by the dog, gets past the shadow monsters who appear at the door of the heartmender. The heartmender shows Sophia how to heal her heart by the light of the moon.

All is well. Sofia can now return and deal effectively with all the idots in her life.

But the artwork is great!

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