Thursday, February 4, 2010


by Holly Hobbie

Thumbs Up

I like this book on so many levels. Fanny wants a Connie doll for her birthday. Connie dolls somewhat resemble the Brats dolls. Although all her friends have them, Fanny's mom says no. "They are just too much."

After Fanny's mom explains this, Fanny sets out to make her own Connie doll. Although the finished product does not really resemble the sleek (slutty-my word) looking Connie dolls, Fanny kind of falls in love with her homemade Annabelle.

And what does Fanny get for her birthday instead of the ached for Connie? A box of fabrics and various sewing supplies. Very uncool.

By the end of the book, Fanny has come to peace with her gift and even uses it to make Annabelle a doll of her own.

I like the portrayal of a mom standing on principles. I like Fanny's imagination and the fortitude she shows in fixing her dilemma. And I love that she comes to a peace with her gift and shows further creativity by putting the contents to use.

I also like the example Fanny shows in dealing gracefully with her friends and their cool dolls and oh-so-cool opinions.

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  1. Another thanks for the recommendation. I loved this one, too.