Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover Her Face

by P.D. James

One thumb each way.

I was told awhile back that P.D. James was the premier murder mystery writer. Upon doing a little bit of research, I realized that, in fact, I had read some of her stuff, since I remember Dalgleish from some of my high school reading. I probably was on a Dalgleish bender at some point.

But on to this book. Yeah, I guess it was OK. It was a typical murder mystery that kept me on my toes as I went back and forth predicting first one then another character as the murderer. But it was really nothing spectacular. It was OK. I'd read another when I need some lazy reading.

My one disappointment was, again, the sentence or two stuck in there that alluded to illicit s**. Even described a bit. Grr. I have a twelve year old daughter who loves murder mysteries. But it's so hard to find books that I can recommend to her in good conscience. I really was hoping this would work.

I'll probably try a few more, just to see whether this is a regular occurrence with P.D. James or an isolated incident. Anyone know anything more about her books?

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