Thursday, February 18, 2010


by Dagfinn Gronoset

Thumbs Up.

Anna grows up in south-central Norway and then runs off with Big Karl to wander in the wilderness. Big Karl turns out to be not really a very nice guy. After facing neglect and poverty at his hands, he finally sells her to a Jo, wilderness farmer for 300 kroner. Jo's homestead was along the shores of Lake Ister, along the Swedish border, a very remote area.

With Mr. Gronoset, Anna, an elderly lady at the time of the writing, tells her story of survival. although her situation was often wretched by today's American standards, Anna finds hope and meaning in helping those who need her. It's inspiring to me to read about these kind of living conditions, but never hear the complaint in Anna's retelling. She seems at peace with her lot in life and considers it a success.

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