Friday, February 5, 2010

Perish and Publish

by Sally Wright

Thumbs Up.

This is the first of the Ben Reese mysteries. I reviewed the second, Pride and Predator, previously.

I like this author. She develops lovable characters who are not flawless, but yet are noble. Noble as in people of virtue. Although not "Christian lit", Ms Wright places these stories among people who have a Christian world view. This is refreshing. They think and act and discuss life within this context.

In Publish and Perish, Professor and college Archivist Ben Reese is pulled into investigating the death of fellow professor and good friend, Richard West. The setting and some of the conversations were very realistic to me, having been a part of a college faculty community previously.

I will definitely try to find more of the Ben Reese mysteries.

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  1. I checked out Publish and Perish after your recommendation of Pride and Predator. I enjoyed it, too. I enjoyed the characters and appreciated their worldviews, at least of the main characters. A nice old fashioned mystery. Unfortunately, our library system doesn't have Pride and Predator. But, I did just get the 3rd one in the series, Pursuit and Persuasion, which I'll be starting soon.