Wednesday, November 28, 2012

no two alike

by Keith Baker

Thumbs Up.

This is conceptually a very simple book, but it's beauty is deep.  The book features two fetching little birds who seem to be discovering the winter woods around them.  They notice how even things that seem alike, are each just a little bit different.  That each thing in nature is a unique entity.  The text is done mostly in simple rhyme, that is very appropriate for even the smallest children. 

The illustrations are a highlight of this book, as the pictures are bold and colorful.  They hold hidden interest the closer and longer one looks.  I was surprised to see that the illustrations were digitally done, as they appear to be drawn in a combination of perhaps the rich hues of oil pastels and stamping.

This is a beautiful wintertime story for a read aloud with small children.  Besides the simply told story, there are delights to find and ponder and discuss on each page.  It's an excellent book to be shared between a child and his adult, upon whose lap he is of course, cozily snuggled.