Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life After Favre: A Season of Change with the Green Bay Packers and Their Fans

by Phil Hanrahan

Thumbs Up!

I'm assuming that the interest in this book isn't that high among readers of this blog.  Indulge me.

The 2008 season was very difficult for Packer fans.   The traumatic divorce between Brett Favre and Packers' management was painful enough.  But then, the team went 6-10.  Ugh. 

After going through some general Packer history, the author chronicles the team week by week.  In the process, he visits various fan sites throughout Wisconsin, as well as throughout the country.  He's able to give a decent portrayal of fan reaction to how the parting was handled, as well as where the fans feel the team is headed.

Life After Favre is a solid, even-handed portrayal of the 2008 season.  But it was hard to relive some of those tough losses.

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