Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

by Amanda Grange

Thumbs up.

Ms Grange has written a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, beginning the morning of the wedding and continuing onward. As Elizabeth experiences various premonitions, Mr. Darcy is increasingly erratic and aloof. Since the title makes no secret of it, Mr. Darcy is a vampire and the story involves the duel plot line of Elizabeth trying to figure out the strange behavior from her new husband and also a danger that follows them as they tour Europe on their wedding trip.

Although Ms Grange does not write in the familiar Austen style, the characters do think and speak true to the expected regency style. I really liked Ms Grange's use of metaphor and poetic prose. It was very pretty writing and she was able to make the reader really see and hear the things the characters were seeing and hearing.

Ms Granger also cleverly included realistic locations and historical events to give the reader a tour of early 1800s Europe.


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