Sunday, September 20, 2009

String Games

by Richard Darsie

Ten Thumbs Up.

This little book is similar to the Klutz books that used to be very popular (and perhaps still are) for visually teaching kids a skill such as crochet or not tying or juggling.

String Games is a covered spiral bound book with a box inside which holds three colorful loops of various lengths. There are step-by-step instructions along with photos for string games such as Cat's Cradle and Jacob's Ladder.

The book contains instructions for 24 string games for both one and two persons! I had no idea there were that many. They are presented by category with each category arranged from the most basic to most complex. Each game has it's difficulty clearly labeled at the beginning.

One bonus that really adds interest for me is that Mr. Darsie includes for each string game a brief description of the game's origins. It really is fascinating.

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