Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deerskins Into Buckskins by Matt Richards

Two thumbs up.

Matt Richards makes it possible for everyone who has the gumption to make beautiful buckskins with time, effort, and no money spent.

The key is the subtitle: "How to Tan with Natural Materials." "Natural" means that they can be found in nature.

After three introductory sections [ "What exactly is buckskin?"; "A bit of history;" and "Why buckskin?"] Richards leads the reader gently through understanding skin, tanning, skinning, obtaining hides, storage and tools.

The gem of this book is called "The Basic Method" which is about 50 pages of well illustrated and well ordered methodical instruction. This section doesn't go into options, but presents the reader with what Richards says is an almost foolproof way to get a decent buckskin every time with natural [free] materials.

After this section Richards goes into other options of methods, resources, and techniques.

The work includes a reference section, a section on making primitive natural tools, hide glue, rawhide and sewing patterns.

Richards closes with a listing of resources cited in the book and where the reader can find them.
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