Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out of the Ruins

by Sally S. Wright

Thumbs up.

In this fourth book of the Ben Reese series,  we travel with our hero, Ben Reese, to Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia.  Ms Wright gives detailed descriptions that bring to life the island's scenery and architectural history.  She gives us another cast of interesting characters.  And she spins a good tale.

Although equally satisfying, this story seems a bit different to her previous books, but I'm not sure I can quantify the difference.  Ben is ready to begin to love again and that puts a different spin on things.  (And I must say that I'm not pleased with his choice or girls; see my last Ben Reese review.)  But the author continues to keep things clean which pleases me.

The story is also a bit slower paced than previous books.  Ms Wright perhaps spends more time in this book on historical setting and less on character action and interaction. 

Most interesting of all, however, is her use of a cliffhanger ending.

And yes, I've already requested the next one.

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