Monday, July 12, 2010

A is for Alibi

by Sue Grafton

Thumbs kind of half way up.

This is not a bad murder mystery.   In fact, the plot was pretty good and kept me guessing until right near the end.  The characters are well done. I could easily picture the personalities Ms Grafton was portraying.

I will probably read another in this Kinsey Millhone series; in fact, I've already requested the next one from the library.

That said, I am tired of a few of the stylistic things Ms Grafton used.  I don't enjoy when an author cannot seem to imagine anyone with traditional morals.   Ms Grafton portrays an attitude of, "How quaint.  Those poor backward folks who have to live that way."  And she uses a pathetic female heroine who is screwed up in her romantic relationships.  Ugh!  I think it is part of the noir detective genre to have such crazy psychoses. I just don't always have much patience for or sympathy toward this style of character.

I also seemed to get bogged down occasionally with the details in this story.  I'm not sure if it was me, or the story, but I found myself reading and rereading the descriptive passages. 

I'll give an update if I find myself enjoying the second one more.

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