Thursday, May 6, 2010

Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking

by Kelli Bronski and Peter Bronski

Thumbs Up

No one wants to be put on a special diet.  Many people like to experiment with gourmet cooking.  If you find yourself in both these camps, this book is a real winner.  Even if you are only in one or the other camp or even neither, the book is chock full of information and would be a good resource if you occasionally cook for a guest who needs such a diet.  If you don't consider yourself a gourmet cook, the book is fun to read through and many of the recipes are not any more technical than any other cookbook.  With the exception of the bread and dessert sections, most of the recipes need no specifically gluten free ingredients to prepare.

From breads to soups to main dishes and desserts, the book is cover to cover a delight to read and stimulates a reader's gustatory and olfactory imagination.  I will certainly be purchasing it for my husband's cooking pleasure.  I do cook, but I generally do not have time to consult recipes at this point in my homemaking career.

My copy is due back at the library, and I haven't even had time to try anything in the book. I can't tempt you with a presentation of my favorite recipe.  But before returning the book,  I will be writing down the recipes for Indian Naan and Italian Gnocchis and Cinnamon rolls for one of the rare days I do feel energy and concentration enough to use a recipe.

I enjoyed perusing the pages and imagining the wonderful taste temptations presented.  The bread and dessert sections are quite extensive.  There are many international dishes.

The sidebars give additional information, both on culinary and cultural terms within the recipes.  The introductory sections give information on gluten free living and shopping and general kitchen skills and tools.

The Bronski's keep a gluten free living blog at No Gluten, No Problem.  It is obvious from the things they've written there that they have spent many man and woman hours in the kitchen, testing their recipes until the result is just right.

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