Wednesday, March 17, 2010


by Matthew Sanford

Thumbs Up.

Matthew Sanford became a paraplegic at the age of thirteen, in the same car accident that killed his father and sister. In Waking, he tells the story of that experience, how it changed his life, and how he changed his reaction to the new life.

The book is interesting and inspiring. Mr. Sanford is a good story teller. He pulls the reader along to find out what happens next, and he gently guides through some very painful spots.

Throughout the book, Mr. Sanford uses the metaphor of darkness, silence, and sleep, to describe both his paralyzed limbs and his life experience. This is combined with the parallel metaphors of light and waking to refer to the new outlook he gradually took on.

I do recommend the book because I think many of Mr. Sanford's insights are worthy of consideration. But I am saddened that so many of the struggles he addresses and subsequently solves via his intense pursuit of the yoga way of life, could just as readily be solved with Biblical insights.

Mr. Sanford is a yogi, motivational speaker, and sustainable investment advisor.

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