Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swing: A Scanimation Picture Book

by Rufus Butler Seder

Thumbs Up.

This is an awesome book. Each page spread revolves around a certain sports action, such as kicking a soccer ball or shooting a basket. The pages are animated with a part of the page the slides behind the opposite page with the page turning motion. (I am sure there is some name for this, but I can't figure out the correct google search to figure it out.)

The text asks a question about the featured activity and includes onomatopoeic words to add to the experience.

But the highlight is really the animation. These are just really cool. The batter on the cover cut out really swings. And the ball comes directly toward the reader. Duck!

My kids of all ages have been very intrigues by this book and it has entertained all of us repetitively.

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